“In business, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”

— Chester L. Karrass, Founder of “Effective Negotiating” Seminars

Sheri Sadler has managed media accounts for over 30 years in nearly all 50 states. She has stewarded the paid media for a wide variety of candidates (Presidential, Congressional, State Legislative), advocacy groups, ballot measures, independent expenditures, and branding campaigns. Each campaign is given the utmost personal attention by Sheri and the Sadler Strategic team.

Examples of past successful campaigns:

Gavin Newsom
2022 Re-Elect CA Governor
2021 Recall CA Governor
2018 CA Governor 
2010 & 2014 CA Lt. Governor
Malia Cohen

CA Controller 2022

Rob Bonta
CA Attorney General 2022

Tony Thurmond
CA State Superintendent Public Instruction

Alex Padilla
CA Senate 2022
Secretary of State 2018

Kamala Harris 
2016 CA Senate
2010 & 2014 CA Attorney General 
Jerry Brown 
2014 CA Governor
2006 CA Attorney General 
Black Lives Matter 2020-2021
National Election & GA Special Election 
More Than A Vote (Lebron James’ PAC) 2020
Cory Booker President 2020
Yes on CA Prop 19 (Real Estate) 2020
No on CA Prop 21 (Rent Control) 2020
Lyft (National Advocacy) 2020 

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