“We believe our greatest attribute is our close business and personal relationships with the media community … cultivated through years of working together! It helps us get the best rates and creates a smooth operation in order to streamline the hectic processes. We think there’s no better way to work through campaign season! We get the job done and make it look easy.”

— Sheri, Rosa, Nick, Julie & Fran

Sheri Sadler Wolf, Founder/President
Sheri founded Sadler Strategic Media in 2005.  She has over 30 years experience working with hundreds of candidates from presidential to gubernatorial to mayoral and more.  She has worked on ballot measures and advocacy campaigns across the country.  Sheri has planned and placed well over a billion dollars in paid media.

Rosa Lozano, Controller and Media Buyer 
Rosa plays a key role in organizing and coordinating our numerous projects including accounting for each campaign.  She has over 20 years experience at various television and radio stations as well as ad agencies in the Los Angeles market. Rosa integrates her extensive knowledge of the Hispanic market, along with her General Market experience, to help us reach all segments of our diverse population in unique ways.

Julie Jones, Traffic/Competitive Coordinator & Print/Outdoor Buyer
Julie plays an integral role in the agency by ensuring a smooth flow of traffic as well as executing all outdoor and print buys. Mountains of competitive flows through every day … Julie sorts out what SSM clients need and reports back. She also serves as the resident tech guru.

Nick Wolf, Multi-Media Buyer
Nick brings his experience in both political campaign organizing and media buying to the SSM Team.  He specializes not only in cable media buying but all streaming and new digital video opportunities such as OTT & CTV for our clients.  He also is someone who thinks outside the box and recommends unique new advertising strategies (campus ads, social media influencer campaigns, digital OOH, and more.)

Fran McInerney, Digital Planner/Buyer
Fran has over 30 years of experience in both the cable and digital realms as a political specialist. Fran creates, negotiates and orders all of SSM’s digital campaigns.  Pre-roll video, mobile, social media and display are but a tiny portion of her online arsenal.  Fran runs her own company, Campaign Political Media, as well.